Precious & Priceless, so lovable too. The world’s sweetest miracle baby is you.

The breath of love, the newborn child, soon to open to a new world. Mortensen portrait design photography newborn studio portraits. Capture these portrait moments up to three months of age. Your children’s precious moments pass so quickly be sure to capture those beautiful times with a portrait to remember for posterity. Be sure to trust your greatest accomplishments, your children with a trusted professional photographer!

Our Children’s portraiture comes in many sizes.

Choose the one that works for you.

Mortensen Photography Child Portrait

Maternity Portraits.

Maternity portraits at Mortensen are where it all begins. Don’t miss out on documenting your child’s life from the moment’s just before birth. This is a time to remember and we a timeless session for you to remember for a lifetime.

Newborn Portraits.

Come back after your child’s introduction into your life and share your memories with an ongoing story of his/her life. The early months go by so fast that you won’t want to miss those important growth months before that first birthday.

Childrens Portraits.

We know that life has become a bit more complicated with your child growing up and walking for the first time. Take some time away with a portrait of your child in a bit more of a grown up setting. Stop by today.