Senior Portfolio Brief

Are you ready for amazing senior portraits? You’re going to be having your Senior photos made anyway so why not get a few little extras along the way! We’re super laid back and you can ask anyone, our Senior sessions rock! We make sure that you get the amazing photos that you deserve. We can assure you, it will be an incredible experience for you.

A Few Portait Samples

There are many layers to High School Senior Photography take a look below to see what you need.

Initial Session Planning

Call the studio or click here to determine which session is right for your personality. Next, gather up the things that show off who you are like sports equipment, books, musical instruments or whatever it is that you like to show off. Then book your appointment.

Decide if you might like to be a model for us.

Visit our “Rockstar Model” program to see if you ready show the world what kind of rockstar you are. We are accepting new applicants in the spring for the 2016 graduating class. We will let you know if you qualified.

Tell your friends!

We have a great program for friends. Bring in a group of your buds to receive special pricing on you and your friends session. If ten of your friends book a session with us there are top secret, way cool gifts awaiting.