Furry Mugs Pet Portraits

Award winning pet portraits

FurryMugs is located in Waukesha, where there is a portrait park in the back with plenty of room to exercise and groom your pet before the session. The camera room is thoroughly pet-friendly and pet-proof.

Mortensen pet portrait

Pets enrich our lives and are valued members of the family. How many families do you know that have at least one pet? How many pets do you have in your family? Most people start out photographing their own animals. There is probably a look or expression your pet has that makes you smile. It might be a slight tilt of the head they exhibit when you say certain words, it might be a soulful look that melts your heart or it might even be a display of attitude that makes you chuckle. Capturing the personality and spirit of a pet with a touch of artistry should be the goal of every pet portrait you have. It’s what separates a cute snapshot from a true portrait.